TidBit Social

By foodies, for foodies

It’s a social network for food lovers that offers personalized restaurant and dish recommendations based on the user's preferences as well as comments and ratings of individual dishes by their friends.

The initial idea for TidBit Social came up during a family dinner talking about how amazing would it be to access family and friends' recommendations. This concept was written on a napkin.

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Our Processes

Won Startup Fan Favorite Award
at eMerge Americas, 2018

Built using agile methodologies

TidBit Social branding agency did a lot of work defining the look of the app while Turpial, with more experience on UX/UI helped ensure usability and good experience in the design.
We worked using agile methodologies with daily standup meetings, planning the work for each iteration and making sure everyone was on the same page and with the same vision.

Turpial started to work on Tidbit Social in 2016 when Washington, DC-based entrepreneurs came to us with this idea.


Ensuring quality

Agile methodologies are always present in our projects and TidBit. We worked with Ionic for a quick-to-market app and Django for the server side, later the mobile app was refactored to React Native. To ensure quality Test Driven Development was practiced in large parts of the project.



React Native

Ionic and React Native are two popular development frameworks used to reuse most of the code, developing apps for different platforms faster and at lower costs


Currently, TidBit Social has more than 11,000 registered restaurants, with Washington, DC and New York City the most active towns and boasting a 4.8/5 stars rating at the App Store and 4.5 at the Google Play store.

TidBit Social, CTO.